Our latest Rummo container was unpacked today—better late than never! We are now fully stocked again with what is arguably Italy’s best pasta. If you haven’t joined the international Rummo fan club yet, we heartily recommend it.

Rummo has perfected its own “slow processing” method to turn superb durum wheat semolina into a pasta that always stays al dente, even when re-heated.

Aiming to bring back to the table the excellence and flavor of the grand Italian pasta culture, Rummo offers an extensive range of classic shapes. It is also constantly innovating—we love the new Maccheroncelli alle Lenticchie, pasta tubes made with red lentils and brown rice that are naturally gluten-free and high in vegetable protein.

Our GF customers rave about Rummo’s gluten-free range in general as the tastiest and most “pasta-like” GF pasta they’ve ever tried.

Some fun facts:

– Rummo is the only pasta in the world with a certified cooking performance (Bureau Veritas N. 385/003).

– Rummo has the only trigeneration pasta factory in Italy, breaking down more than 30% of its CO2 emissions.

– You can find Rummo in the best shops and restaurants in the world, from Waitrose and Monoprix to El Corte Ingles and Le Bonne Marché.

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