Welcome to the new website of Mediterranean Foods Wholesale! You told us you wanted a site with easy navigation, great visuals, some but not too much product information, updates on shipment arrivals and new products, the occasional scintillating nugget of knowledge—and, above all, easy ordering. A six-week project turned into six months of intensive labour, but here it is. We’re pretty thrilled—what do you think? It will, of course, always be a work in progress, because technology, products, and markets are all constantly changing. If you have any suggestions for improvements, new features, or new content, get in touch. For us, it’s all about making your business better. No, really. We love that stuff. A shout-out to our terrific development team at Rucastle Media, Simon Joyner at Cachet for marrying our website to our system, and our own long-suffering staff for their hours hunched over the keyboard to get just one more tiny detail right. It was all worth it in the end. Enjoy!

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