What? Another range of plant-based drinks?

Here’s an easy challenge: Grab whatever plant-based drink you have in your fridge at the moment. Count the number of ingredients. Then count the number of ingredients in any Bridge drink. Didn’t take long to count the Bridge ingredients, did it now.

Then count the number of organic ingredients. Oh wait, all Bridge ingredients are organic.

Then check out the not-so-fine print. You’ll notice words like gluten-free, dairy-free, no GM, kosher, and vegan. And sugar-free or no added sugar (the Bio Soy Barista has a nudge of organic cane sugar, just to be daring).

More information? Well, La Famiglia Organic was born at the foot of the Lessini mountains in northern Italy in 1994. A small family business (if you want a job, they suggest that a wedding is the easiest way!), they take the time to do things right.

Ingredient map: Know where your ingredients are sourced.

All their products are made with spring water coming directly from the mountains above their tiny village. Why is this relevant? Cereal drinks in general are made of at least 80% water and approximately 20% raw materials. So water is one of the most relevant ingredients when it comes to produce a delicious cereal or nut drink.

All their products are made with carefully chosen organic raw materials selected according to high quality and traceability standards. It’s important for La Famiglia Organic to work in solidarity with their producers and to have long-term contracts that let those producers hold to their benchmarks.

Safflower oil has no cholesterol at all

And in addition to tasting fresh, light and fabulous, the square cartons fit really well in a fridge door.

As with all plant-based drinks, give your carton a good shake before you pour, because the ingredients will always settle a little.

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