This week we’ve been dipping into an exciting new shipment fresh from Spain. Our exquisite new sheep, goat and milk cheeses include classic Manchego, the wine-soaked Murcia al Vino, and tangy, smoky Idiazabal from the Basque Country. The La Mancha sheep cheeses with saffron, black truffle and rosemary are all stunners and natural platter highlights. We also recommend that smooth Spanish favourite Ibérico. Wheels or wedges? Check out the cheese section of our website for details.

All the cheeses just beg for classic Spanish accoutrements like quince paste and Valencia almonds. Fortunately, we have you covered on those as well! Choose from two flavours of almond, natural or with fine herbs. The delectable quince paste range comes in orange, walnut, and fig flavours. Unsurprisingly, all the quince paste sold out almost immediately in our last shipment. Oh, and the caramelized pecans! We warn you, these are dangerously more-ish.

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