We’re excited to have a new shipment of saffron, paprika and paella seasoning in from Spanish spice specialist Triselecta!

Saffron, of course, is the world’s most expensive spice. Fortunately, a little goes a long way. Triselecta’s saffron is a symbol of Spanish quality, with a gorgeous golden-yellow colour and a distinct, slightly bitter, flavour. It’s flavourful in dishes like paella, bouillabaisse and risotto, and also excellent added to mayonnaise for grilled shellfish. Try using filaments for colour accents, powder when you’re after a more even colour in the finished dish.

For a premium paprika, Triselecta always goes to Pimentón de la Vera D.O.P. paprika. To receive that Denomination of Origin Protection, the peppers must be grown in the fertile area around La Vera in northern Extremadura and slowly smoked over oak wood for 10-15 days. Triselecta’s hot paprika has a gentle heat; try the sweet if you’re after a milder flavour. Both lend a unique smoky flavour to grilled meats, paella, and even homemade chorizo!

Why not explore the traditional Spanish art of paella with Triselecta’s natural paella seasoning? Each box contains three 3g sachets of carefully selected saffron and other traditional paella spices perfect for any home-cooked paella. The seasoning contains no artificial ingredients.

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