We’re all stocked up again with our full range of Bertagni filled pasta.

So good that they require only the barest accompaniments—a bit of butter, shaved parmesan, maybe a handful of herbs—Bertagni’s rich, fresh and flavoursome fillings delicately wrapped in sunny yellow pasta pillows make them perfect for both retail stores and busy commercial kitchens looking to provide customers with the satisfyingly simple pleasure of a glorious pasta.

This iconic brand, unsurprisingly, has a huge historic legacy. It was back in 1882 when founder Luigi Bertagni set out to make filled pasta to sell around the neighbourhood in a small pastificio in Bologna, Italy. He carefully selected the best ingredients available, such as grated Grana Padano, fresh burrata, sheep’s milk Pecorino Romano and buffalo mozzarella, to deliver a wonderful experience through taste.

Today, Bertagni pasta in 15 shapes and sizes can be found in the chilled aisles of grocers and fine food stores in over 45 countries across five continents.  

Sticking to the fundamentals of Italian cooking—simple recipes, quality ingredients, cooking techniques and passion—has been critical to the company’s success. Bertagni pasta is simply made with OO soft wheat flour, up to 32% fresh eggs, no added water and just a pinch of semolina, with no additives, yeasts, glutamates, aromas, or processed cheeses.

If you needed any more convincing, because Bertagni is snap-frozen on production, frozen stock can be kept on hand and moved in small volumes to the chiller, where it will retain its superb quality and freshness for a month—great storage efficiency!

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