Well it’s been an incredibly frustrating period for us, even more so than struggling through COVID. So many factors have combined to make importing even harder, and just when you think things may be returning to some semblance of normality, the Red Sea drama starts to impact. The delays are ongoing and the reduction in freight costs we were seeing has reversed.

Good news! our beloved Polselli Italian 00 flour has arrived in both 1 and 25 kg’s. The last shipment sold so quickly we were left with no stock for 4 weeks, so we will make sure to avoid this next time.

Our Rummo shipment is still a way off, ETA currently 5/5. We are almost out of Rummo now so a good reason to try our second range La Ruvida, our Artisan range Ragusso or our beautiful frozen Bertagni filled pasta.

Vicenzi due early Jun. Totally out of this currently but we will be well stocked for the rest of the year.

De Nigris vinegar. Another source of frustration. This order was placed in late November but is not due until 3/5.

Being out of stock of these core ranges has been difficult and costly, but we are trying to look forward and get excited about hitting May with a very full warehouse. Keep an eye on the “New Additions” on the home and shop pages.

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